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If you want to learn more about truck driver resources, you will be interested in the actions of the American Truck Historical Society (ATHS).  This organization, founded in 1971, is dedicated to preserving the history of trucks, the industry itself, and trucking pioneers.  There are more than 21,000 members of this society from the United States, Canada, Australia, and 20 other countries around the globe.

ATHS began as a small group of men who felt strongly about the need to preserve the history of the trucking industry, including the trucks themselves and the pioneers who led the way.  Today, the not-for-profit organization is in charge of recording and developing historical data for the trucking industry.  Annual conventions have taken place since 1972 around the country. Since 1980, the annual convention has also included an antique truck show.

The ATHS offices and library are now located in Kansas City, Mo., after previously being headquartered in Michigan and later Alabama.  The Wheels of Time is a bimonthly magazine published by ATHS with articles all about trucking history, current trucking companies, updated regulations, classifieds, interviews, and comments from readers.

One intriguing story told in the magazine’s March/April 2011 issue is about Lloyd Telle’s 1953 bullnose Kenworth truck.  According to the article, “it was said that no one ever passed this rig on the road.”  The story takes readers back in time to a spring morning in the 1960s where this impressive rig is spotted and admired.  Giving readers a chance to revel in historic stories like this makes the magazine an enjoyable facet of membership in the American Truck Historical Society.

If you are eager to learn more about owner operator employment, discover the truck driver resources offered by JiggyJobs today.  There, you will learn how to find careers in truck driving and how they differ from careers in the industry from just a few years ago. Company truck drivers and owner operators can review trucking companies that have job openings.  Review our products and services directory as well for other transportation related resources.

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