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    Moving from one place to another can put a lot of pressure on anybody particularly when you have to pack and unpack all your things while going about your everyday activities. The pressure becomes greater when you need to move your car, from one state to another. Auto Transport Shipping Quote

    Moving your car from one place to another is not the same as moving your clothes or furniture.  Car shipment is an entirely different process. Here are some tips to guide you.

1. Make sure the company you choose can deal with the shipment requirements of the specific vehicles to be moved like large vans, SUV, pick up trucks and even boats.  Auto Transport Shipping Quote

2. Is the company properly licensed?  Entrust your car shipment to a licensed, bonded and insured company. Avoid companies who do not have the proper licenses and credentials.

3. Get it in writing from the car shipment company as to the estimated time when they can deliver your car at the target destination. Make sure to read over the contract and all the papers. The document summarizing the agreement should be signed by both parties.   You should also ask if the company accepts cash or card and if they have additional charges for credit card payments. Auto Transport Shipping Quote

4. Find out if the company offers door to door delivery.  Each state has several terminals and ports to drop off your vehicle. It depends on your location and the state you reside in. If the company does not offer a door-to-door service make arrangements with the them as to where you can drop your car for pick up.  Make sure the pick up point is generally safe for you and your car. Auto Transport Shipping Quote

The following are some steps in vehicle preparation before the vehicle is picked up for transport:

Vehicle Washed - helps expedite and allows for a fair and quick inspection at the time of pick up.

Alarms - should be turned off and deactivated. The driver is not responsible for drained batteries as a result of an activated alarm.

Fuel Level - try to keep it at 1/4 tank. Auto Transport Shipping Quote

Luggage, Ski and /or Bike Racks - non permanent racks should be removed.

Antennas - should be lowered or removed.

EZ-Pass - should be removed so it will not to be charged at toll crossings during transport.

Mechanical Problems - should be reported at the time of placing your order for Additional Comment Auto Transport Shipping Quote


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