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Open vs. Enclosed Car Shipping Trailers & Transporters

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By Vanessa Smith

People who want to make moving easier have very well depended upon auto transport. The hassle of driving miles across countries or states is eliminated by having shipping companies do the job. One only has to pay for the transport and his car will reach its location in just a matter of time. Of course, one has to choose a professional and legitimate auto transport company to ensure the safe delivery of his car.

There are many considerations to think about when planning to have a car transported. There are the cost, the special services for the vehicle, and the type of transport. It is a common misunderstood notion among many people that transporting a car may only be done through a large trailer hauling vehicles together. Auto transport companies offer a variety of car shipping methods. One such type of shipping to decide upon is whether to avail of open or enclosed car shipping. These two have many differences in terms of cost and benefits.

Open Transport 
This method is the most common means of transporting vehicles. This is also the common idea most people have in mind when they want their cars transported. The vehicles are transported in open carriers, with about 10 to 15 cars at a time. Open car transport is the standard method among shippers. Even dealers get their vehicles transported by open shipping. With this method, the transport cost is less than the other shipping methods. However, since the cars are transported in open air, they are at risk of damages. Debris encountered along the road may prove dangerous to the vehicles. The weather is also very unpredictable and is the greatest enemy of travelling trailers. Occurrence of snow or even hail while transporting the vehicles is very hazardous. This is why prior to the transport, the owner must make sure that any damages that might occur will be covered by the insurance provided by the transport company.

Enclosed Auto Transport 
Due to the risk posed to the cars in open transport, many companies have thought of transporting them inside closed carriers. This method is now very common especially for people with expensive cars. Compared with the open transport that hauls more than 10 cars a time, closed car transport is done only with 2 to 4 cars inside the car carriers. Thus, closed auto transport commands a very high price. Nevertheless, what you are paying is worth it, considering the assurance that your car will be delivered safely and scratch-free. Imagine transporting a vintage car out in the open, or maybe a car that is worth millions. Surely, that is not a good thought.

So which method of shipping to choose? It all depends on your priority. If you want to save up on money, then the open shipping is for you. However, you must be prepared with the risk that might happen to your car. This would not be a problem of course if the insurance covers the damages. But if your car is very precious, you might want to consider the enclosed transport.

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Article by: S. Chin, President, 

Auto Transport - Types of Car Shipping Carriers, Open and Enclosed

Many people who are planning on moving from one place to another will have a lot of considerations to make. One them is vehicle transport. The hassle of driving your car across the country is pretty tiring and may also wear out your vehicle due to the long travel. However, a solution has come up for you to avoid these hassles. Hire an auto transport company that will take charge of all the work for you. They are also capable of delivering your vehicle in a certain location for a specified time. However, a good research and canvass for the most quality service is also important before you engage in this process.

Several factors should also be kept in mind before you have the company ship you car for you. Quotes and rates, exclusive services and the kind of transport will be the considerations for you to ponder and decide on before you hire a company to ship your car.

There are common beliefs that transporting a car can only be done through hauling and trailer trucks enclosure. But the truth of the matter is, you will have a lot of options on how you want your vehicle to be transported or shipped. The open and enclosed shipping trucks or carriers will vary in terms of rate quotes. Take a brief read below to find out which one you will prefer for your car transport.

Open Transport
An open Car shipping transporter is pretty common and mostly what the shippers have in mind when shipping a car and transport is mentioned. A large open car trailer will haul about 10-15 vehicles at a time. This is the cheapest ways to transport and ship vehicles across the state or country, and coast to coast and door to door. This is the most common method for most shipping companies who accommodate coast to coast and state to state or local transport of vehicles and cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

However, there are also major disadvantages along with open car shipping and transport. The open trailer will definitely not assure protection of your vehicle from dirt during the travel. The weather condition is also a big factor that can endanger the quality of your car being transported. Snow and strong storms maybe a great threat to the safety of your vehicle during the transport as well. The inevitable condition of the climate and weather change will post a danger to the shipping process. Make sure you are able to sign insurance before you have your car shipped. This will cover all the expenses and damage that will possibly occur due to unfortunate circumstances.

Enclosed Auto Transport
This type of car shipment is pretty popular for those who can afford expensive car shipment. shippers who own luxury cars and expensive vehicle will most likely want an enclosed car transport to ensure the safety of their cars during shipping. Hence, enclosed auto transport comes in a higher cost than the open auto transport. Another cause of the higher rate is that, an enclosed car trailer can only accommodate 2-8 vehicles. If you are transporting a classic car and luxury cars that costs are millions will be more worthy to have this kind of transport. Rest assured, your car will be delivered with no flaws. Also enclosed car crriers have more car shipping liability insurance, to cover expensive car transports

Deciding on how you will transport your car will definitely depend on your preference. Though, there are considerations such as budget. Whatever you choose, be prepared of its risks and advantages before hand to have a quality transport of your car.

If your car is a daily driver or will be a daily driver ship your car open and save on shipping rates and time of pick up. There are much more open car carriers then there are enclosed due to the higher cost of operating enclosed car carriers.

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