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Truck Drivers Fill out a BOL Resourses.

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auto transport bill of lading receipt also used for car shipping

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is a receipt provided by your car carrier truck driver and is given to the shipper from the shipping trucking company, car carrier, and auto transporter of open and enclosed trailers. For a car shipment to a particular buyer, or shippers destination. It is a document protecting the car shipper and auto hauler by inspecting and taking notes of the condition of the car or vehicle onto the auto pictures on the BOL. This gives the recipient proof of the condition of the car before and after loading the car on the auto carrier. When you are transporting a car remember the Bill of Lading is your proof of the condition of your vehicle being shipped. Do not give any car shipper your car with out the BOL. Make sure it is completely filled out with VIN number, plate number, and all else that is specified on the BOL. Remember to ask for a signed copy of the bill of lading.


If you car is damaged in the transport your proof of damage will be the BOL. that is signed by the shipper and the truck driver to verify the condition of the vehicle; called the walk around. Upon delivery a second inspection is made to ensure the car was not damaged in transit.

If it is dark when the driver delivery your car ask to meet him in a well lit place so you can see and check for damages. Once the inspection is complete bot the shipper and the driver will sign the BOL.

If you have damage question the driver about it and check the pick up report on the BOL. If you feel your car is damaged and the driver admits to the damage you mat work out a payment for repairs with the driver to reflect the cost of shipping the car. This is the best way.

If you feel the damage is more then the cost of shipping the car then to ensure your car will be covered and repaired call a Police officer to make a police report and get the drivers information.

With a police report and a BOL proving the damage is the fault of the driver you can report it to your insurance company and ask they handle your claim or hire an attorney to handle the repair of your car.


Make sure you ask for a BOL from dealerships and when you are not at pick up and have it faxed or e-mailed to you. So you can share copies of the report.

Auto Transport Shipping Quote

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